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A PV Grid-tie solution synchronizes to the utility and supplements energy usage. The main components consist of an inverter, with monitoring and energy management hardware, and solar PV modules.


  • No Maintenance

  • Cost-effective

  • Very high return on investment rate. Generally, within 3-4 years.

The idea is to size the system so that the energy produced is consumed directly, so generally it works best for applications where the bulk of the consumption is during the day. When the legislation around PV-grid-feed changes, and the utility and municipalities allow use to feed back energy to the grid, this will be the ultimate solution as it has the lowest cost and excess energy can be stored in the grid for use during non-sun hours. 


A grid-tie solution doesn’t offer any back-up during power outages, so the addition of a back-up system turns it into a PV Hybrid solution.


The inverters used for PV Grid-tied solutions run in parallel with the load and do not physically support the capacity thereof, for this reason High frequency transformer-less topology is suitable and mostly used. 

The most important criteria when it comes to choosing your PV modules are:

  • If you have a space restraint Mono-crystalline 

  • If space is no concern poly/multi crystalline



As this system runs in parallel with the connected loads, the inverter size is not determined based on maximum demand.

The inverter is sized according to:

  • The PV capacity to be installed. Generally the size of the system is dependent on the load profile and consumption. These systems can be scaled, but it is always better to get the right sized solution instead of doing multiple additions.

  • The location of the site

  • The area where panels will be mounted (orientation and tilt) play a role in the performance of such a system.


We design, supply and install these based on the customer’s needs.

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